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BRALCA, trading as AusE Drones, constucts drones for sale. These drones provide leading aerospace componentry, carbon fibre airframes and obstacle avoidance systems to make operation more efficient and safer on every mission.

VTOL Drones

Long Range survellance built for Australian conditions

The vertical take off and landing system allows launch and retreival from landing zones as small as 5m x 5m. With a flight time of 3 hours and payload of 5.2Kg, this system is one of the first to offer genuine beyond visual line of sight operations. Paired with the extra long range ground control station (GCS) this system truly revolutionalises unmanned aerial operations. A range of camera and sensor options provides the full suite of data collection from visual to thermal to multispectoral to lidar.

  • Flight time - up to 3 hours
  • Maximum radio communication range - 200 Kilometres
  • Pay load - up to 5.2Kg
  • The design of this airframe at 24.9kg allows it to be operated under the excluded category for primary production.
  • An option of flight control boards allows you to operate in a range of environments from remote areas to complex air spaces

Airframe Dimensions

Wingspan 3500mm
Height 590mm
Length 1860mm
Ground Clearance 88mm

 Flight Performance

Stall Speed 15m/s
Cruise Speed 21m/s
Maximum speed 30m/s
Wind resistance Grade 6
VTOL (take off) flight time 5 mins
Fixed Wing (straight line) flight time 3 hours
Maximum radio communication range 200 Kilometres
Temperature Range -10 + 55C

 Automated Flight Modes

VTOL Take off P
Transition P
Grid Mapping P
Linear way point inspection P
3D Mapping P
ADSB sense and avoid P
Automatic return to launch P


Maximum Take Off Weight 24.9kg
Empty Airframe 5.8kg
Ready To Fly (Dry Weight) 13.6kg
Ready To Fly (Including Batteries) 18.5kg
Maximum Pay Load 5.2kg
Ground Control Station 8kg


Video In 4K at 30 frames per second
Resolution Rate 30fps (1920 x 1080)
Sensor CMOS: 1/ 2.8”
Night Operations Dual-light 30 x Zoom, gimbal
Thermal imaging
Detector category Uncooled infrared microbolometer
Resolution rate 640 x 480
Sensitivity ≤60mk@300K
Frame frequency 50Hz
Weight 750g

VTOL Propulsion

Motors MS8014
Motor KV KV160
ECS 80Amp
Propellor PAE 24″
Battery Power Supply 12C Lipo

Forward Propulsion

Motors XM6360EA-19
Motor KV KV220
ECS 120Amp
Propellor PAE 21″
Battery Power Supply 12C Lipo

Command and Control

Compliance Standards NATO compliant
Radio Communication Range 200km
Frequency 433mhz, 2.4Ghz,5.8Ghz
Screens 2
Packed dimensions Length x Width x Height 360mm x 300mm x 180mm

Included Hardware and Software

Albatross 350 1
50,000Mamp LiPo Battery kits 2
Onboard flight control board 1
Range and airspeed sensor systems 2
Navigation and obstacle avoidance lights 6
NATO compliant C2 1
Omni Directional aerials 6
Dual RGB, Thermal 30x zoom Military spec camera and gimbal 1
Long range 5.8ghz antenna system 1
200km range 2.4ghz antenna 1
Dual fast charge battery station 1
Transport pelican cases 3
Customised Albatross transport case 1

Transport Case

Length x width x Height 1600mm x 580mm x600mm
Weight 42kg


Our team can provide manufacturer's training and assist with other licensing with CASA and EPA.

Contact ausedrones@gmail.com for further details


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