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NEXT ROUND OF FUNDED DRONE TRAINING COMMENCING OCTOBER 2021 PARTNERSHIP WITH TOCAL, AGSKILLED AND NSW FARMERS BRALCA has teamed up with TOCAL Ag College, Agskilled 2.0 and NSW Farmers to bring you AgSkilled: Drones in Agriculture. FULL DETAILS CAN BE FOUND ON THE TOCAL WEBSITE Designed by farmers for farmers, this upgraded course is delivered by experienced drone operator Ben Watts. This training…
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VTOL Exploration

BRALCA is currently developing a leading long range VTOL system that delivers the performance required for vast Australian areas. With automated flight systems and triple redundancy, this system truly offers the next generation in survellance and mapping.
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Exploring Hydrogen-powered drones

Hydrogen-powered drones can stay airborne far longer than LiPo (lithium-ion polymer) drones without needing multiple batteries and launch points. Hydrogen is combined in the fuel cell with oxygen from the air to produce electricity; as long as hydrogen fuel is provided to the cell, the battery generates power. One possible solution is to use a new type of fuel in planes that doesn’t produce harmful…
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