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The importance of building your personal brand

The power of your personal brand can be underestimated. Whether you’re a manager or employee looking to upscale or a new entrepreneur pursuing a new project, having a personal brand is a huge asset. It's about managing and shaping perceptions about yourself, just as you would for a product or a company. By curating your…
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Ben for LLS Board Member

We invite you to join us in voting for Ben Watts in the 2024 Local Land Services Local Board Elections for Central Tablelands. Only LLS ratepayers are eligible to vote in the election of LLS board members. LLS ratepayers can vote here: You must request a voting pack in order to vote. You are eligible to vote if you are an individual, who…
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The Upgen Project

Jessica Hickman and Brooke Watts are spearheading a transformative initiative to cultivate a generation of ethical leaders by addressing toxic cultures at their root. Rather than merely reacting to instances of bullying and misconduct, they're pioneering a proactive approach. Their vision is to instill in young minds, aged 12-18, the skills necessary to recognise and…
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Exploring the Professional Advantages of Networking in Agriculture

In the contemporary landscape of agricultural enterprises, the adage "it’s not what you know, it’s who you know" resonates deeply, underscoring the significance of networking. Understanding the essence of networking and its pivotal role in fostering business growth within agriculture is paramount. Networking, fundamentally, entails the cultivation of strategic relationships pertinent to one’s career trajectory…
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