The Upgen Project

Jessica Hickman and Brooke Watts are spearheading a transformative initiative to cultivate a generation of ethical leaders by addressing toxic cultures at their root. Rather than merely reacting to instances of bullying and misconduct, they're pioneering a proactive approach. Their vision is to instill in young minds, aged 12-18, the skills necessary to recognise and address toxic workplace behaviours early on, thereby fostering healthier work environments in the future as they create the next generation of upstanding leaders. 

In Brooke's coordination of the NSW School Merino Wether Challenge, she supports 70 schools across the state. By providing resources and support, she is helping students explore and engage with the agricultural industry, igniting their passion for careers in this field. Brooke has identified a gap in workplace skills and professional development opportunities for students, particularly in male dominated industries such as agriculture. In partnering with Jessica Hickman (founder of Bullyology) they have been able to design a project educating schools across the state on respectful behaviour mixed with career development conversations.

Through educational workshops and engaging activities, Jessica Hickman and Brooke Watts aim to empower students with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate and combat unsafe school and workplace cultures. By targeting this formative age group, they're investing in the long-term cultivation of ethical leadership qualities, ensuring that tomorrow's leaders are equipped to champion positive change within the agricultural industry. 

This proactive strategy not only helps mitigate the harmful effects of school /  workplace bullying and misconduct but also cultivates a culture of accountability and respect from the ground up. Founders, Jessica & Brooke are not just addressing a problem; they're shaping a brighter, more equitable future for the agricultural industry. 

This program is well supported and endorsed by a range of stakeholders who want to see change in this space.

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