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Getting strategic with pest animal control

Pest animals in Australia cost communities and primary producers billions each year and it can often feel like it is running away on us (literally)! The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions estimates Feral Deer[1] and Feral Pigs[2] cost us $91 Million and $50 Billion respectively. There is certainly government focus in this space with the…
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‘The Farmer’ Magazine

We were pleased to be a contributor in The Farmer Magazine (September - October 2023) across pages 20-24. This article showcases a range of Ag Tech bralca has implemented including trough sensors as part of a pragmatic data solution to better understand livestock movements and habits, and advanced drones to overcome biosecurity threats and vegetation monitoring.…
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2023 NSW Merino Wether Challenge

Ewe heard it here first: hundreds of students have had their furry friends judged in The NSW Merino Wether Challenge. After spending half the year preparing their animals, today they were proud to be on show. Over 550 students from 60 schools along with their dedicated teachers participated in the event. What a joy to…
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