Drone Pilots

Mark Sykes

Drones are providing solutions to a range of challenges faced by agricultural sectors from mapping to weed and pest control in a safe and cost effective way.

BRALCA provides a range of unmanned systems and training options from beginners through to licensed pilots.

Our staff come from a diverse range of industries including the commercial passenger industry, ag pilots, military, police force, qualified teachers and facilitators, data analysts, project managemers and photographers.

This broad skill base equips us with a team that can create unqiue solutions for you and enables us to add huge value to your project including flight operations, analysis, reporting and stakeholder engagements.

Solutions Explored

  • Pest animal mapping and control
  • Land Manager education programs
  • Mapping
  • Survelliance
  • Search and Rescue
  • Emergency contactless delivery
Flying over the Australian OutbackĀ 


Find a Drone Contractor

We are well connected within the Agricultural Industries right across Australia having worked with or trained thousands of operators. If we are unable to assist we will refer you amongst our networks.

Brewarrina Fish Traps Assessment


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