Pest Animal Mapping

Drones are providing solutions to a range of challenges faced by agricultural sectors for mapping and pest control in a safe and cost effective way.

The Opportunity

Optimise your feral pest animal control program with increased efficiency and unparalleled aerial insights.

The diversity of available military spec drones and cameras offered within Bralca’s fleet means we can offer you a robust solution within your pest animal program.

Why use Bralca drones?
  • Access to night-time footage and assessment. Many feral pest animals are active and feeding at night making access to these images critical in designing control strategies. Thermal and visual assessments are used together to create in depth insights.
  • Surveys are repeatable. Once maps are planned and plotted, they can be repeated as many times as the project requires.
  • Bralca’s fleet has drones that are sub-audible at 120 metres meaning assessments can be made without alerting pest animals or disturbing any of the local environs.
  • Quick and close assessments can be made of areas of interest and images captured to support control planning.
How it works

Phase 1: Briefing/ mobilisaton to site/ flight maps loaded*.

Phase 2: Maps flown. Each site is broken into sections for repeatability in subsequent flights. A selection of cameras is used to provide you with the best information.

Phase 3: Post-production maps and report provided.

BASELINE ASSESSMENT COMPLETE: Our post-production team ensures accurate, actionable data from each flight, transforming visuals into invaluable project insights ready for your project planning and reporting.

Phase 4: At the completion of control activity, maps are re-flown and reports provided to allow agility in program design and selection of control methods.

ONGOING MONITORING ASSESSMENTS: Maps are repeatable on a frequency and duration determined by the control program.

Why Bralca?

Our team of CASA qualified pilots (multi roto/ VTOL and fixed wing to 25kg) has over 25000 registered flight hours. Our post production team has access to the latest software to identify and count feral pest animals and provide you with reporting that you can insert straight into your program reporting.

Our comprehensive package minimises your effort – managing everything from flight permissions, data capture to reporting for your current project.

Cheif Pilot: Paul Morgan

Accredited Pilots: Ben Watts, Mark Sykes and Paul Morgan

*Bralca pilots fly all areas legally available to them.

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Ben Watts 0428 668 706 or Mark Sykes 0450 216 517

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