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Engaging young people in Agriculture

Engaging young people in agriculture is crucial for the sustainability and innovation of the industry. We have compiled a series of strategies to best accomplish this: Education & Awareness: Through educational programs in schools and communities, we can highlight the importance of agriculture and its potential for careers and innovation. Bralca is proud to partner…
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The importance of building your personal brand

The power of your personal brand can be underestimated. Whether you’re a manager or employee looking to upscale or a new entrepreneur pursuing a new project, having a personal brand is a huge asset. It's about managing and shaping perceptions about yourself, just as you would for a product or a company. By curating your…
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The Upgen Project

Jessica Hickman and Brooke Watts are spearheading a transformative initiative to cultivate a generation of ethical leaders by addressing toxic cultures at their root. Rather than merely reacting to instances of bullying and misconduct, they're pioneering a proactive approach. Their vision is to instill in young minds, aged 12-18, the skills necessary to recognise and…
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