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Exploring Hydrogen-powered drones

Hydrogen-powered drones can stay airborne far longer than LiPo (lithium-ion polymer) drones without needing multiple batteries and launch points. Hydrogen is combined in the fuel cell with oxygen from the air to produce electricity; as long as hydrogen fuel is provided to the cell, the battery generates power. One possible solution is to use a new type of fuel in planes that doesn’t produce harmful…
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Drone Training For Farmers

Using drones to check stock, fences and water on farms is soaring but flying one is not as easy as it looks. To help with this, NSW Farmers and Tocal are working with Ben Watts and his company Bralca to offer specialised drone training courses for farmers. An increasing number of farmers are turning to…
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Precision Management

Precision management can significantly lift productivity rates by identifying individual animals within a flock. By identifying animals with superior performance for a nucleus breeding program, and returning lower performing animals to the commercial flock, a significant gain in genetics is achievable in on farm situations. (more…)
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