Captain Paul Morgan has over 30 years manned aviation experience. From general aviation in the remote Kimberley region of Australia to a established career as an international airline pilot, he brings a deep understanding of flight operations, safety procedures and a knowledge that only years of experience can provide.

Paul's experience and reputation in civil aviation led him to take up the role of Chief Pilot at AUS-E drones where he now oversees the operation of larger enterprise systems including the Australian produced Albatross VTOL.

Since 2017 Paul specialised as a type rated pilot of application drones that has seen him work in complex airspaces to treat environmentally sensitive and hard to access areas. Using his experience in civil aviation has allowed Paul to meet and exceed the requirements for operations and he has now set the new standard for unmanned operators..

Paul is proud to have trained many operators in the unmanned industry and continues to provide training as the industry grows.

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