BRALCA Asset Inspection

BRALCA can provide a range of services. With RePL accredited Pilots we are able to gain footage for you in some of those hard to reach places. Asset Inspection in Orange
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Precision Management

Precision management can significantly lift productivity rates by identifying individual animals within a flock. By identifying animals with superior performance for a nucleus breeding program, and returning lower performing animals to the commercial flock, a significant gain in genetics is achievable in on farm situations. (more…)
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Protection of Remnant Vegetation in Grassy Box Woodlands

Areas on the ‘Bewley’ property have been identified as part of the endangered grassy box woodlands eco system. These areas are being managed in such a way to protect this valuable resource. This includes fencing off vulnerable areas and strategic grazing of some areas to encourage desirable native plants whilst controlling invasive weeds. Native birds…
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