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Getting strategic with pest animal control

Pest animals in Australia cost communities and primary producers billions each year and it can often feel like it is running away on us (literally)! The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions estimates Feral Deer[1] and Feral Pigs[2] cost us $91 Million and $50 Billion respectively. There is certainly government focus in this space with the…
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Revolutionizing Feral Deer Management in Australian National Parks

A Focus on the ARACE Griffin Pro ISR System 1: Introduction The invasion of feral species, particularly feral deer, poses a significant threat to the delicate ecosystems of Australian national parks. Feral deer have rapidly multiplied, causing habitat destruction, displacement of native plants, and disruptions to natural predator-prey dynamics. Traditional monitoring and management methods have…
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Drone assisted landscape-scale weed management control

The Bralca team is excited to be attending the 22nd NSW Weeds conference this week ‘weeds gone wild’.[i] They will be showcasing some of the practical application of drones in weed treatment. That said, drones offer so much more when considering landscape scale weed management control. They are used to provide sound data about the…
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