Ben for LLS Board Member

We invite you to join us in voting for Ben Watts in the 2024 Local Land Services Local Board Elections for Central Tablelands. Only LLS ratepayers are eligible to vote in the election of LLS board members. LLS ratepayers can vote here:

You must request a voting pack in order to vote. You are eligible to vote if you are an individual, who is 18 or more years old and an occupier of a rateable holding under the LLS Act 2013.

Postal voting pack requests close: 3rd May
Electronic voting pack requests close: 12th June

Local boards work with landholders and communities to identify and provide services that meet local needs. They focus on setting the strategic direction for their region, promoting services, fostering partnerships and nurturing strong relationships with stakeholders. They advocate for their community and identify priorities for investment.

Ben is a seasoned and dynamic individual with a deep commitment to agriculture, environmental sustainability, and global collaboration. His extensive experience in managing land in the central tablelands of NSW, coupled with his academic background in environmental agriculture, equips him with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of land management.

His ventures with Bralca Enterprises over the last 20 years have not only taken him across the globe but also allowed him to engage with diverse stakeholders, from delegations in various countries to large private firms and research organizations. This global perspective has undoubtedly enriched his approach to problem-solving and innovation within Australian agriculture, in which he applies to his two properties of his own. Ben's pursuit of knowledge extends beyond traditional agricultural boundaries, reaching into other industries to find solutions applicable to the Australian context. His involvement in developing AgTech solutions underscores his proactive stance toward integrating cutting-edge technologies into
agriculture, fostering efficiency and sustainability.

Moreover, his emphasis on collaboration and understanding the needs of land managers, as
evidenced by his work with grower groups in NSW, reflects a holistic approach to land stewardship. Balancing the ecological aspects of land management with the socio-economic factors is indeed crucial for ensuring sustainable practices that benefit all stakeholders. Overall, Ben's journey showcases a remarkable blend of expertise, innovation, and a profound commitment to sustainable land management, making him a valuable asset to the Australian agricultural community.

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