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Exploring Exciting Careers in Agriculture: Your path to success

Hey there, future land manager, agricultural enthusiast, or anyone considering a career in the world of agriculture! If you're on the brink of finishing school and wondering about your future, we've got some exciting pathways to share with you. Whether it's tending to a sprawling farm, working in agribusiness, or even owning your very own…
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Drone assisted landscape-scale weed management control

The Bralca team is excited to be attending the 22nd NSW Weeds conference this week ‘weeds gone wild’.[i] They will be showcasing some of the practical application of drones in weed treatment. That said, drones offer so much more when considering landscape scale weed management control. They are used to provide sound data about the…
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How can a drone improve a land manager’s quality of life?

Drones are helping to make our world safer, more efficient and a more sustainable place. This is particularly so in rural Australia where the benefits are compelling. Now widely accessible, with Agskilled funded training in NSW[i] to help you learn how to use this technology, it seems pointless to sit on the sidelines. Here are…
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