Introductory Drone Training

Bralca has partnered with TOCAL RTO to offer accredited Introductory Drone Training. To Express Interest or Register, apply via the TOCAL College web site.

Training currently covers:

  • How to control your drone - get it to return home
  • Basic maintenance and repair of your drone
  • Overviews of available drones on the market
  • Australian Laws related to the use of RPA's for private use
  • Setup, procedures and safety checks.

Three types of training available

STAGE 1 - Collecting and mantaining aerial images

STAGE 2 - Advanced computer data processing

STAGE 3 - Overview of Agricultural applications

Why Complete the training?

Some of our groups

Training Group at Utungan

Charlie Wells discussing the training he has received

Broken Hill landholders loved their training

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