How pregnancy scanning increases profits in a livestock trading business

Livestock trading is a fluctuating market, with pregnancy scanning proving useful in increasing profits. Pregnancy scanning ewes ensures you can better manage your reproductive performance and in hand, increase profits.

“Major research shows that pregnancy scanning has a high return on expenditure for sheep producers, with scanning for multiples increasing potential profit by an average of $5.75/ewe scanned”[1] Pregnancy scanning is a proven tool that is a low-cost activity, with a high return and is effective in risk management. Scanning for multiples along with wet & drying sheep in a flock can provide an average return on investment of 400%.

When managing a self-replacing flock it can be recommended to remove those that scan once-dry, and if need be, those that are twice-dry. In sheep trading, many growers are seeing benefits in trading dry ewes post shearing to ensure there is sufficient feed requirement and reduced mob size to adjust for multiple bearing ewes. By selecting ewes based on scanning statistics you can better prepare for lamb feed budgeting in advance.

By scanning at a suitable time (40 days post ram coming out) you can ensure if you choose to rejoin the dry ewes (if trading on a twice-empty schedule) you have adequate feed on hand. Particularly during dry times, it is proven effective to ensure reproductive rates are higher in a self-replacing flock, if dry ewes are passed on and those with lambs are utilising the best feed on hand. By making the choice to sell early or re join dry ewes’ growers are effectively reducing unnecessary pressure on the land.

The lifetime wool study on the impact of scanning pregnancy status demonstrates the benefits of scanning in an adequate time frame to ensure ewes are in an adequate condition for sale. In these studies growers held dry ewes until fresh off shears and explore the change in condition score profiles between scanning and lambing for those with an identified pregnancy.[1]   


Single foetus in ewe scanned with the Draminski equipment. We will show you how to know what you are looking at.

In an effort to provide industry with high accuracy and knowledgeable scanning contractors (and producers), Bralca provides a two-day industry workshop on ultrasonography. With a strong history in delivering professional training services to the agricultural industry, we offer the highest quality service with a realistic approach. Bralca is able to offer both bespoke, enterprise specific and industry registered training. This course is for animal breeders, vets, agricultural contractors and university students who are interested in a practical approach to ultrasonography. It focuses on the theory of Ultrasound and the specifics of using the Draminski Ultrasound Equipment.

You can find out more on ultrasound training here. Or alternatively, please register your details by contacting for further information.

By Brooke Watts

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