2023 NSW School Merino Wether Challenge

The NSW School Merino Wether Challenge is run each year with the aim to educate high school students about the commercial production of Merino sheep. The initiative provides the students with a memorable ‘hands on’ experience covering a broad range of sheep and wool production skills. Initiated ten years ago in SA by the SA Stud Merino Sheep breeders Association, similar competitions are now held in NSW by the NSW Stud Merino Breeders' Association and in WA by the Stud Merino Breeders Association of Western Australia. The competitions are supported by AWI, as well as individual studs, schools, teachers and students. Each school team in NSW is allocated 6 wethers for six months, with the students forming a close relationship with their wethers. This provides a unique and practical experience for the students, much different from classroom learning. Each school team then shows their wethers during the Dubbo National Merino Ram Show & Sale later in the year and are judged according to their meat and wool quality. The Merino Wethers are purchased by the Dubbo National Ram Sale to provide a consistent genetic base. In NSW in 2023, this program is supporting 58 schools from across the state. Each school is provided with a team of wethers (6 sheep). By attending workshops and events, and by looking after their wethers, the students gain:
• practical, hands-on skills in sheep management
• a better understanding of sheep and wool production as a business
• contact with many aspects of the Merino sheep industry
• a chance to network with industry participants and other students
• an enjoyable experience with Merino sheep and the industry
• a positive perspective on a career with sheep and wool.
For more information contact: dubboswc@gmail.com

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