Celebrating International Women’s Day

In light of international women’s day we felt it fitting to share some of the inspiring women we admire. The 2024 theme of international women’s day (internationalwomensday.com) is to inspire inclusion. By celebrating women’s achievements, we can work towards creating a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. The women and businesses we are sharing below all work towards creating an inclusive environment in a traditionally male dominated sector.

Agriculture has been largely dominated by male workers according to Census data. However, women represent an increasing proportion of the agricultural workforce, and the nature of the family farm is that women make significant yet often unrecognised paid and unpaid contributions to agricultural businesses and communities (Alston, Clarke & Whittenbury 2018; Ressia et al. 2022). At Bralca we are proud to promote an inclusive workplace and networking opportunities to share ideas and create innovative solutions.

Below are some of the women within our networks we would like to celebrate on international women’s day:

Great Networks

Central West Inspired Women (https://www.instagram.com/cwinspiredwomen/ )

Central West Inspired Women brings together local women in business, industry and local government to ‘connect for success’ – learning from guest speakers and each other in an environment that fosters positivity, connection, inclusiveness and growth in line with four key themes; Connect, Inspire, Learn, Share.

Western Rural Connect (https://www.instagram.com/westernruralconnect/)

In 2023 Keiley Noble founded ‘The Western Rural Connect’. The Western Rural Connect is an organisation that’s mission is to encourage and enhance social connections within small and rural communities and industries alike, by creating events and facilitating networking opportunities that bring together people who live in, work in and love Western NSW.

Central West Young Aggies (https://www.instagram.com/centralwestyoungaggies/)

CWYA is providing networking and educational opportunities for “young aggies” throughout Central West NSW. With plenty of opportunities for young women to jump into industry this is the perfect place to meet like minded individuals.

The catch up (https://www.instagram.com/_thecatchup_/)

The catch up is a community celebrating regional women of the central west by Grace Ryan. We spotted Brooke in the line up of ‘celebrating regional women’ in December 2023.

Instagram Pages

Cowgirl channel (https://www.instagram.com/cowgirlchannel_/)

The cowgirl channel is a podcast by Bella Hanson and Tony Leigh with new episodes every Friday. We loved their recent episode touching on drinking culture within the agricultural industry.

Anne Maree Photography (https://www.instagram.com/annemareephotography/)

@annemareephotography is a western QLD photographer, capturing outback moments which regularly provide inspiration to find the beauty in the little things.

Girls in agriculture (https://www.instagram.com/girlsinagricultureaustralia/)

@girlsinagricultureaustralia is an instagram page run by Silvana Humphries, supporting women in agriculture across Australia.

Antola Trading (https://www.instagram.com/antola_trading/)

Looking for workwear? Antola Trading offers the shirts you’ve always wanted, with the features you’ve always needed. Owned & designed in outback Australia.

Coverdale Media (https://www.instagram.com/coverdale.media/)

Brooklyn is a hawkesbury based photographer specialising in photography and videography for the rodeo and western industry. She creates a positive online community promoting discussion and collaboration.

Some of the women we admire

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible women so we are sure we have missed some. Feel free to share with us the women you admire. ❤️

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